Piranha, an enhanced OpenWrt firmware for La Fonera


* Piranha : Kamikaze 8.09 + Jasager http://piranha.klashed.net/about/

It's an enhanced OpenWrt firmware* for La Fonera*. It is targeted on wireless hacking and features Aircrack-ng SVN, MDK3, CIFS share capability, complete WPA support for both ap and client modes and OpenWrt’s brand new web interface LuCI out of the box. The Piranha firmware is provided as is and will always be free of charge.

Comes with FON heartbeat so you can still roam for free...

-> http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showforum=49

Piranha 2 ships with:

  • MMC card support (both vfat and ext2 filesystems are supported)
  • CIFS support
  • kmod-tun for proper airbase-ng functionality
  • macchanger
  • aircrack-ng r1396 and aircrack-ptw
  • mdk3v5
  • LuCI WebGUI 0.8.6
  • WPA/WPA2 support for both AP and client modes
  • Kismet Drone
  • FON heartbeat
  • custom monitor-mode and user-startup scripts
  • Jasager 2.1 (alpha4)

Piranha 2 broadcasts a WPA2-encrypted SSID “default” with passwd “k4m1k4z3″ by default. opkg is pre-configured to prioritize the Piranha package repository at any time over the fallback repository of stock Kamikaze 8.09, which Piranha 2 is based upon.

There’s one known issue with alpha4: For proper Jasager functionality, you need to “killall hostapd” in order to destroy the pre-configured WPA2-encrypted wireless network.

4 Risposte a “Piranha, an enhanced OpenWrt firmware for La Fonera”

  1. Hi Giorgio, can you specify if it comes also with FON wireless sharing features ? thank you

  2. Think not. I still didn’t give it a try, but it seems it only has the heartbeat module to mimic a valid FON AP.

  3. I do feel that this firmware should not be used unless it does offer all FON features. FON simply _cannot_ sustain a free wifi infrastructure if people are cheating…Well, I may be partial but i really like the whole idea behind FON. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I agreee with you. Anyway I think this firmware is not meant for a wide audience. It’s a niche product.

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