NINJA or Nagios Is Now Just Awesome

Nuova Gui per Nagios

Nagios will get a new GUI, dubbed "Ninja" sometime during or after the
summer. Ninja is available for download already and is "usable but has
some warts and is still incomplete" according to Ninja maintainer Per

Andreas Ericsson
OP5 AB –


Brief description of Ninja


  • Create New PHP versions of the existing .cgi’s with effort put into removing “obvious problems” such as:
    • Lack of good search and filtering. Today’s host search can be so much better
    • Scalability. Ways to present large data sets, host lists, service lists, etc
  • Multi language support (gettext)
  • Template/skin support for easy customization of look and feel
  • Support for several databases
  • Session based authentication with support for common auth protocols

Other features that we think about (Non-functional requirements)

  • Offer similar or better functionality then the existing cgi’s
  • Be contributor friendly
  • Be scalable enough to support gigantic installations, good performance etc
  • Be easy to extend with other Nagios addons such as pnp4nagios, nagvis etc

We are still in a very early stage in the project and things are likely to change over time. However, we have created a couple of prototypes of how a new Tactical Overview could look like and we would love to hear your opinions on it, check out.

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